Graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Nearly 20 years of clinical experience in both hospital and private settings

Specializes in pain treatment, sports injury, digestive issues, and type II diabetes




Jun (John) Cao, L.Ac, a licensed acupuncturist in California, graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1994 majoring in Acupuncture and TuiNa. During the five years of study there, he had a total of 6018 hours of training in traditional oriental medicine, western sciences, herbology, and clinics. Since graduation, John has 16 years of clinical experience, with 10 years working in the Orthopedics department at the affiliating hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, one the very best traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals in China. Since coming to the U.S., John has effectively treated many patients in Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. In 2009, John founded Active Acupuncture Partners in Saratoga to serve the active people in Silicon Valley. In 2010, he was invited to serve as the sports injury specialist for the California Badminton Academy in Fremont, CA. Starting Feb 2012, Doctor Cao has also been contracted with a big corporation to provide onsite services for their employees.